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By submitting your payment information online, a pending charge will appear on your credit card statement. It will expire after 5-7 business days, depending on your card type. Your card will then be charged at a later date when the order ships.


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This contact information is submitted to your credit card company in order to process this transaction.


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In order to process your payment and ship your product (if applicable), we must receive a final confirmation of your shipping address.



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Credit Card Billing Address must be the same information the credit card company has on file.

Your card will not be charged until the transaction is reviewed by the Lafayette Instrument Company; your credit card information will not be stored or retained after the credit card transaction is complete.

A 2% processing fee will be charged on invoices with a balance greater than $10,000 USD that are not paid within 30 days of the invoice date.


Lafayette Instrument Company is committed to protecting your privacy. This is because our business is based on the trust you place in us. The personal information that you provide will only be used by Lafayette and its representatives. For more information about our personal data handling, view our Privacy Policy. If you have any concerns, comments, or complaints, be sure to contact us.


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