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Business Updates

Our Commitment

Lafayette Instrument is committed to providing our customers quality products with timely delivery. Our sales, support, and manufacturing departments are hard at work to give you the most efficient experience as possible.

Global Supply Chain

Many industries are currently affected by product shortages due to ongoing manufacturing delays. We are working with many vendors in an effort to make the highest quality products available as quickly as possible, but it is possible for some products to have an increased lead time due to scarcity of components.

Shipping Issues

As more businesses return to capacity, we have begun to see shipping delays for both domestic and international shipments. We will continue to work to meet customer deadlines, but in many cases, shipped product could spend extra time in a shipping warehouse prior to delivery. As such, we are unable to make firm guarantees about delivery windows outside of our control.

In order to better accommodate your timeline and needs, we suggest beginning the purchasing process as soon as possible. The more time the product has to navigate the manufacture and shipping processes, the more likely it is to be available by a specific deadline.

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